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Business Development and Retail Operations

Results of the 2015 NACDS "Winning with Digital Marketing" Study (AT Kearney, 2015)

Presentation at the NACDS Total Store Expo on the 2015 NACDS "Winning with Digital Marketing" Study (AT Kearney, 2015)

Results of the 2014 NACDS "Winning with Digital Marketing" Study (AT Kearney, 2014)

Implications of the 2014 "Winning with Digital Marketing" Study - How CPG manufacturers and retailers can collaborate to create offers that will make a difference (AT Kearney, 2014)

Creating Value Together (The Partnering Group, 2014)

Anti-Theft Decision Tree (NPD)

Bar Codes and Technology Use by Retailers (GS1)

Connect the Dots: Harnessing Collaborative Technologies to Deliver Better Value to Customers (AT Kearney and Kurt Salmon Associates)

Health & Wellness: Redefining Healthy Living (IRI)

New Product Launches (PricewaterhouseCoopers and NACDS Retail Advisory Board)

New Ways of Working Together (New Generation Sales Call Pilot Participants)

Products to Market (NACDS Retail Advisory Board)

Retail Out-of-Stock Reduction (University of Colorado and IE Business School Madrid)

Retail Terms Glossary (Kantar Retail)

The Role of Business Development Organizations (NACDS Retail Advisory Board)

Winning the Mobile Shopper (NACDS Retail Advisory Board)

Pharmacy Operations

Community Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Testing Program (NACDS)

Maintaining a Safe Environment for Customers and Associates (King Rogers, Inc.)

Meeting Payer Needs for Pharmacist-Provided Services: The Time is Now! (Comstock Consulting Group, LLC)

Project Destiny Executive Summary (BearingPoint)

Specialty Pharmacy in Community Pharmacy: The Time is Now – and How! (VCG & Associates)

Understanding the Drivers of Expired Pharmaceutical Returns (Healthcare Distribution Management Association)