Articles by: Lisa Boylan

NACDS Foundation Issues Request for Proposal to Study & Reduce Primary Medication Non-Adherence Rates

NACDS Foundation Announces Pharmacy Student Scholarship Recipients

In Letter to House Oversight Committee, NACDS Highlights Impact of Regulations on Pharmacy, Patients

In Lead-Up to State of the Union Address, NACDS Highlights Pharmacy Services as Bipartisan Solution to Reduce Costs, Improve Lives

NACDS Launches Mobile Website –

NACDS Files Legal Brief in U.S. Department of Labor Case on Military TRICARE Program

NACDS Foundation Announces Application Process for New Community Pharmacy Residency Expansion Project

NACDS Supports Amendment to Repeal Burdensome Reporting Requirements for Businesses, Including Pharmacy

NACDS, NCPA Endorse Senate Legislation to Help Improve Patient Health, Lower Healthcare Costs

NACDS Foundation Patient Care Database Doubles in Size and Scope

NACDS Urges Emphasis on Patient Access to Prescription Drugs and Pharmacy Services in Letter to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius

Anderson Says Pharmacy Must “Re-AMP”: Highlight Its Power to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Save Lives

Merlo Describes NACDS' Success in "Winning Consistently," Emphasizes Need to Boost Appreciation of Pharmacy Services

NACDS Applauds Introduction of Pro-Patient Legislation by Rep. Paulsen, Sen. Hutchison

NACDS Urges Bipartisan Support for Repeal of Burdensome Reporting Requirement

NACDS: Pharmacy Services Provide Bipartisan Remedy for Annual “Budget Day”

NACDS, NCPA Provide Insights to Governors and State Medicaid Directors Confronting Medicaid Budgetary Challenges

NACDS & NCPA Offer Cost-Saving Ideas for TRICARE, Defend TRICARE Beneficiaries’ Right to Choose Community Pharmacy

NACDS, NCPA Endorse Bipartisan Medication Therapy Management Bill Introduced by Reps. McMorris-Rodgers and Ross

NACDS Expresses Concerns with Reimportation Legislation

NACDS Applauds Bipartisan House Effort to Repeal Burdensome 1099 Reporting Requirement for Businesses

Third Annual NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill to Illustrate the Face of Neighborhood Healthcare

NACDS Re-Launches Paid Advertising Campaign to Highlight “Pharmacy. The Face of Neighborhood Healthcare”

University of Charleston School of Pharmacy Students Receive NACDS RxIMPACT “U” Advocacy Award

From the Political Network to the Food Network, NACDS to Host Important and Influential Keynote Speakers at the 2011 NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS Comments on Newly-Released Report on Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Integrity

Jill McCormack to Bring Additional State Government Experience, Healthcare Expertise to NACDS State Government Affairs Team

Julie Philp to Bring Additional Pharmacy, Legislative Expertise to NACDS Federal Government Affairs Team

NACDS Urges Flexibility, Continued Dialogue on Prescription Container Labeling Recommendations in Comments to U.S. Pharmacopeia

NACDS Supports Bipartisan Senate Repeal of the Onerous 1099 Reporting Requirement, Urges President Obama to Sign Measure into Law

NACDS Partners with HHS on New Initiative that Includes Efforts to Help Patients Take Medications as Prescribed to Prevent Hospital Readmissions

NACDS Highlights Pharmacy’s Efforts to Prevent and Curb Prescription Drug Diversion in Statement to U.S. House Panel

NACDS’ Mobile App and Website Provide “One-Two Punch” for Efficiency at NACDS Annual Meeting

State Government Affairs, Health Policy Expert Joel Kurzman Joins NACDS State Government Affairs Team

2011 NACDS Annual Meeting to Offer Top-Notch Programming, Strategic Business Opportunities for Retailers, Suppliers

NACDS, NCPA Endorse Bill to Preserve Access to Pharmacy Services for TRICARE Beneficiaries

NACDS Announces Major Innovations to Conference Lineup

Anderson: NACDS Empowers Companies' Planning, Proactivity Amid Times of Change

NACDS Elects 2011-2012 Officers, Welcomes New Members to Executive Committee, Board of Directors

Newly Elected NACDS Chairman Bob Loeffler Highlights “New Normal” for NACDS in Delivering Results for Chain and Supplier Members

NACDS Foundation Awards $320,000 in Pharmacy School Scholarships

Mary Sammons and Tom Ryan Honored with Chain Pharmacy’s Highest Honor at NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS Foundation Announces New Foundation Board Member

In Congressional Hearing Statement, NACDS Highlights Pharmacy’s Effectiveness in National and Regional Emergencies

NACDS Supports Administration’s Strategy to Prevent Prescription Drug Diversion and Misuse

NACDS Supports Efforts for the Safe Use of Pediatric Acetaminophen Products

NACDS Applauds Louisiana State Senate for Passage of Bill Expanding Pharmacy’s Ability to Immunize More Patients

NACDS Outlines Efforts to Curb Prescription Drug Diversion and Abuse in Statement to Senate Panel

NACDS Lauds Senators for Protecting Patient Health & Safety by Preventing "Personal Importation" of Prescription Medications

NACDS Foundation Announces Recipients of Community Pharmacy Residency Expansion Project (PREP) Grants

Pharmacy Groups Vow to Keep Fighting to Preserve Our Military's Access to Choice of Pharmacy Provider

Pharmacy Groups: PDUFA Amendment Threatens Most Vulnerable Patients, Increases Drug Costs

NACDS Maintains Strong Opposition to Delay of Swipe Fee Reform

Victory for Consumers, Retailers as Senate Opposes Delay of Swipe Fee Reform

NACDS Mobile App and Website: Innovative Tools to Maximize Marketplace Experience

GMA, NACDS to Host Industry Forum on Trading Partner Collaboration at NACDS Marketplace Conference

CDC Report on Flu Vaccinations Reflects Pharmacy’s Role as “Face of Neighborhood Healthcare”

2011 NACDS Marketplace Conference: Where Retailers, Suppliers Come Together to Do Business

NACDS to Senate Committee: Pharmacy is Solution in Reducing Healthcare Costs, Improving Patient Health

NACDS Urges “One Document Solution” to Provide Patients with Useful Medication Information

Productive Meetings, Programming Offer Retailers, Suppliers Important Business Opportunities at NACDS Marketplace Conference

NACDS Calls for Renewed Focus on the “Unsurpassed Value of Community Pharmacy”

NACDS Marketplace Exhibitors Donate 6.5 Tons of Products through Conventions C.A.R.E. to Assist Boston Community

U.S. Senator Jon Tester forms Community Pharmacy Caucus

Pharmacy Urges CMS to Reject Plan That Again Would Threaten Californians’ Access to Pharmacy

NACDS Submits Comments to Proposed Rule to Ensure Access to Healthcare for Medicaid Beneficiaries

Pharmacy Groups Urge Continued Access to Diabetic Testing Supplies for Patients with Diabetes in Retail Pharmacy

NACDS Urges Collaboration with Pharmacy to Address Drug Safety

Amid Debt Ceiling Talks, NACDS Urges Congress to Ensure Continued Patient Access to Pharmacy Services

NACDS Applauds Final Rule Expanding Retail Pharmacy’s Scope in Providing Vaccinations to TRICARE Beneficiaries

NACDS Urges Congress to Restore Patients’ Convenient Access to Cost—Effective Over-the-Counter Medications

NCPA, NACDS Issue Joint Statement to Oppose Express Scripts, Medco Deal: “Too Big To Play Fair”

NACDS to Senate Committee: Pharmacists Play Key Role in Helping Improve Patient Health, Reduce Costs in Medicare

NACDS Endorses Bipartisan Senate Legislation to Increase Utilization of Generic Medications for Medicaid Patients

NACDS Submits Comments as U.S. Senate Committee Reviews Prescription Drug User Fee Act

Pharmacists on Front Lines in Administering Flu Vaccinations

Over 25 California Health Care Groups Meet with Federal Officials

NACDS and NCPA Express Formal Opposition to the Express Scripts, Inc. and Medco Health Solution, Inc. Merger in Letter to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission

Retailers, Suppliers to Converge for Business, Educational Opportunities at 2011 NACDS Pharmacy & Technology Conference

NACDS Praises U.S. Senator Schumer for Introduction of Bipartisan Legislation to Help Curb Organized Theft of Medical Products

Pharmacy Groups File Brief in U.S. Supreme Court on Right of Pharmacies to Challenge Medicaid Cuts

NACDS, NCPA Urge Protecting Patient Choice of Pharmacy Amid Studies on Medication Adherence

NACDS Mobile App and Website Provide Innovative Tools to Maximize Pharmacy & Technology Conference Experience

NACDS Applauds Department of Justice Action to Stop Online Advertising of Illegal Prescription Drugs, Promote Safe Internet Pharmacies

Garza Highlights Unsurpassed Value of Community Pharmacy as NACDS Pharmacy & Technology Conference Kicks Off

NACDS Chairman Loeffler Issues Call to Action: “Engage and Engage Now”

Anderson: NACDS Operating as the “Nexus of Business, Politics and Public Policy for the Betterment of the American People”

Ed Littleton Recipient of Distinguished Harold W. Pratt Award

NACDS Foundation Announces Awards to Community Pharmacy Leaders

NACDS and NCPA Applaud Federal Trade Commission's "Second Request" to Investigate Proposed Merger

NACDS Urges Super Committee to Work with Community Pharmacy to Develop Effective Solutions in Reducing Healthcare Costs, Preserving Patient Access

To U.S. House Panel, NACDS Emphasizes Anti-Consumer Effects of Proposed Mega-Merger of Express Scripts and Medco

New Review Article Further Validates Health-Improving, Cost-Saving Value of Community Pharmacy

NACDS Applauds Bipartisan Bills to Confront PBM Tactics and Protect Pharmacy Choice for Patients

New NACDS Radio Ads Warn of Risks to Consumers from Proposed Express Scripts-Medco Mega-Merger

Dennis Wiesner of NACDS-member H-E-B Testifies before Congress on Negative Consumer Effects of Proposed PBM Mega-Merger

CBS Evening News Anchor Scott Pelley to Deliver Keynote Address at 13th Annual NACDS Foundation Dinner

NACDS' Anderson Urges University of Colorado Pharmacy Students to Create the "Practice of the Future"

New NACDS Ad Reflects Skepticism, Opposition Surrounding Proposed Express Scripts and Medco Merger

NACDS Foundation Announces Recipients of Funding for Next Wave of Community Pharmacy Residency Expansion Project (PREP) Grants

NACDS' Positions on Two Bills Reflect Association's Preferred Approach to Fostering the Safety and Security of Prescription Drug Distribution System

NACDS Demonstrates Unsurpassed Value of Community Pharmacy in Improving Health, Reducing Costs at U.S. Senate Health Fair

NACDS Letter Advises Super Committee on Long-Term Cost Savings, Patient Health Strategies Related to Diabetes Care

NACDS Stands for Patient Safety, Urges Senate to Prevent Move to "Personal Importation" of Prescription Drugs

NACDS Engages Rapid Response Program with Los Angeles Times, Highlights Unsurpassed Value of Community Pharmacy

NACDS Thanks Senators for Supporting Patient Safety and Health by Preventing “Personal Importation” of Prescription Medications

NACDS Expresses Serious Concerns with New "Federal Upper Limit" List for Pharmacy Medicaid Reimbursement

NACDS, NCPA: California Medicaid Cuts Will Force Reduction of Patients’ Access to Pharmacy Services, Prescription Drugs

NACDS Joins Retail Groups in Urging Super Committee to Pass “E-fairness” Legislation to Level Playing Field for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers

NACDS Backs Rep. Bass’ Bill to Help Increase Medicaid’s Use of Generic Medications

NACDS Endorses Legislation Aimed to Close Tax Loophole & Level Playing Field for Brick-and-Mortar Retail Businesses

NACDS Hires Washington, DC Health Policy Journalist Ben Moscovitch as Communications Manager

Due to Change in Congressional Schedule, NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Rescheduled for March 21-22, 2012

NACDS, NCPA Urge Congress to Reject TRICARE Plan Which Would Penalize Patients Who Utilize Community Pharmacy

NACDS Names Kathleen Jaeger to Key Role in Communicating Value of Community Pharmacy, Advocating for Patient Care

Provider Groups File Lawsuit against Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services & California Department of Healthcare Services

NACDS Foundation Dinner Generates more than $1.77 Million for Research, Charity and Scholarships in Support of the Public Health

Mike Bettiga of NACDS-member Shopko Testifies before Congressional Panel on Anti-Consumer Impacts of Proposed Merger of Express Scripts and Medco

NACDS Endorses Leahy Legislation to Help Protect Americans from Counterfeit Medication Trafficking

For Ninth Consecutive Year, Pharmacists Ranked in Top Three in Gallup Integrity Survey

NACDS Corrects the Congressional Hearing Record after PBM Executives “Obfuscate the Facts” on Proposed Mega-Merger

NACDS, NCPA Commend Reps. Rogers, Braley for Letter Raising Bipartisan Concerns over Flawed Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement Process

NACDS Endorses Common Sense Legislation to Prevent Rogue Online Drug Predators from Jeopardizing Consumer Safety

Renowned Election Analyst and Professor Larry J. Sabato to Address 2012 NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS, NCPA Commend Sens. Conrad, Snowe for Letter Raising Bipartisan Concerns over Flawed Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement Process

NACDS Applauds Rejection of California State Legislation that would Disempower Patients, Drive up Healthcare Costs

NACDS Foundation Announces Research Opportunity to Study Health Impact of Pharmacist-Provided Medication Management in Care Teams

NACDS, NCPA Urge CMS for Prompt Guidance to States on Medicaid Dispensing Fees

NACDS Pledges Close Scrutiny of Newly Proposed Rule for Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement

Judge Issues Tentative Ruling in Favor of Blocking the State’s Attempt to Slash Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rates

NACDS Foundation Announces 2011 Pharmacy Student Scholarship Recipients

NACDS Expresses Support for Drug User Fee Goals and Policies to Improve Patient Safety, Health Outcomes

NACDS Foundation Releases Application for Next Round of Grants in Community Pharmacy Residency Expansion Project

NACDS Applauds Sen. Kohl’s Letter to FTC on Proposed Express Scripts and Medco Merger

NACDS Chairman Loeffler, CEO Anderson Urge Pharmacy to Redouble Grassroots Policy Engagement, Achieve Full Potential as "Disruptive Innovator" to Bene

NACDS Applauds Leadership of U.S. Reps. Ross, McMorris Rodgers on Bipartisan Medication Therapy Management Bill

NACDS' Loeffler Builds Excitement for 2013 Debut of NACDS Total Store Expo, Pledges Extreme Value at 2012 NACDS Meetings and Conferences

NACDS, California Pharmacy Groups Urge CMS to Preserve Access to Pharmacy Services for Medi-Cal Patients

NACDS Urges CMS to Cease Publication of FUL Lists Until Final AMP Rulemaking Process Completed

First-Ever "Script Your Future" Medication Adherence Challenge Awardees Named

As Secretary Panetta Testifies Before Congress, NACDS, NCPA Urge Rejection of Budget Proposal Discouraging TRICARE Utilization of Community Pharmacies

2012 NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill to Demonstrate Unsurpassed Value

NACDS Foundation Dinner Website Launched with Powerful Statement of Purpose

NACDS Responds to Express Scripts CEO Comments That Disparage Pharmacists, Show Disregard for Pharmacy Patient Care

APhA, NACDS, NASPA, NCPA Applaud High Court’s Ruling Which Preserves Right to Sue to Ensure Patient Access to Pharmacy Services

NACDS Applauds Senate Passage of Bipartisan Bill to Help Protect Americans from Counterfeit Medications

In Hundreds of Capitol Hill Meetings, NACDS to Detail Opportunities, Threats for Patients, Jobs and Economy

NACDS Applauds Passage of State Legislation in Utah that Requires Transparency in Pharmacy Audit Process

100 Day Mark: Retailers and Suppliers Prepare to Do Business at 2012 NACDS Marketplace Conference

NACDS Foundation Seeks Nominations for the Inaugural Faculty Scholars Program to Catalyze Patient-Centered Pharmacy Research

NACDS: New Jersey Legislators Get it Right on Proposed Express Scripts and Medco Merger

NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Begins with Praise for Newly Introduced Legislation to Rein in Unfair PBM Audit, Reimbursement Practices

NACDS Applauds Enactment of Indiana Bill to Counter PBM Audit Practices

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy Students Receive 2012 NACDS RxIMPACT “U” Advocacy Award

NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Showcases Unsurpassed Value of Community Pharmacy in Improving Health, Reducing Healthcare Costs

NACDS Mobile App, Mobile Website Provide Innovative Tools to Enhance Planning, Efficiencies for NACDS Annual Meeting Attendees

Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Denies Attempt to Reinstate Harmful Healthcare Cuts

NACDS Urges Congressional Panel to Protect Patient Choice and Preserve Access to Community Pharmacy for TRICARE Beneficiaries

NACDS Endorses Commonsense Bipartisan Bill to Protect Consumers from Illegitimate Online Drug Predators

NACDS, NCPA and Pharmacies File Lawsuit to Stop Proposed Merger of Express Scripts and Medco to Protect Patient Access to Community Pharmacy

NACDS Advances Pharmacies as Face of Neighborhood Healthcare in USA Today Column

NACDS Testifies Before U.S. House Panel on Chain Pharmacy’s Commitment to Combat Prescription Drug Diversion & Abuse

NACDS, NCPA Comment on FTC Conclusion of Express Scripts-Medco Merger Review

NACDS Further Bolsters State Government Affairs Department with Hiring of Advocacy Expert Leigh Knotts

NACDS Submits Comments to CMS Urging Thoughtful Implementation of Medicaid Pharmacy Reimbursement Provisions of Healthcare Reform Law

NACDS Underscores Pharmacy’s Commitment to Patient Safety, Support for PDUFA Reforms in Testimony Submitted to House Panel

NACDS Applauds Enactment of Kentucky Bill to Protect Patients, Community Pharmacies from PBM Audit Practices

NACDS' Anderson Promotes Community Pharmacy as "Disruptive Innovator" with the Power to Improve Patient Health and Reduce Healthcare Costs

At NACDS Annual Meeting, Loeffler Drives Grassroots Advocacy as Key Theme of Chairmanship

NACDS Announces 2012-2013 Officers, Welcomes New Members to Executive Committee, Board of Directors during Annual Meeting

Walgreen Co.'s Wasson Defines Community Pharmacy’s Product as an “Improved Health Outcome” in First Remarks as NACDS Chairman

NACDS Foundation Announces Three New Foundation Board Members

NACDS Foundation Awards $350,000 through Pharmacy Partners Scholarship Program

Andy Giancamilli and Jerry Brown Receive Chain Pharmacy's Highest Honors at NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS Supports "Chairman's Mark" of Senate Bill to Reauthorize Prescription Drug User Fee Act

NACDS Applauds Enactment of Minnesota PBM Audit Legislation to Protect Patients, Community Pharmacies

NACDS Applauds Enactment of Mississippi PBM Audit Legislation to Protect Patients, Community Pharmacies

NACDS, NCPA Urge Congress to Preserve Patient Choice and Access to Community Pharmacy for TRICARE Patients

NACDS Urges Congress: Preserve Durable Medical Equipment Exemption for Retail Pharmacy, Ensure Patient Access and Reduce Healthcare Costs

NACDS Applauds Enactment of Alabama PBM Audit Legislation to Protect Patients, Community Pharmacies

To Senate Committee, NACDS Emphasizes Unsurpassed Role of Community Pharmacy on Front Lines of Healthcare Delivery System

NACDS Lauds Pursuit of Improved Health Outcomes through Role of Pharmacists in Team-Based Health Care Delivery

NACDS Maintains Consistent and Clear Message to Capitol Hill on Unsurpassed Value of Community Pharmacy

NACDS Applauds Enactment of Vermont PBM Audit Legislation to Protect Patients, Community Pharmacies

Pharmacy Groups Advise FDA on Maximizing Health Benefits, Cost Savings of Generic Biologic Products

NACDS Launches Mobile App for Marketplace Conference to Enhance Efficiencies, Planning for Attendees

NACDS Further Enhances Government Affairs & Public Policy Department, Hires Tom O'Donnell as VP, Federal Government Affairs

NACDS Urges Congressional Leaders to Expand PDUFA Provisions to Ensure Patient Care, Curb Prescription Drug Abuse

New Communications Director Lisa Boylan Brings Public Relations Skills, Patient Advocacy Background to NACDS

NACDS Backs Prescription Drug User Fee Act Reauthorization as Final Congressional Votes Near

Business Opportunities, Innovation Abound at NACDS Marketplace Conference

As Supreme Court Rules on Healthcare Reform, NACDS Remains Focused on Pharmacy's Ability to Save Lives, Reduce Costs

NACDS Marketplace Conference Exhibitors Donate 9,500 Pounds of Consumer Products to Denver Area Non-Profits

Dorich Joins NACDS, NACDS Foundation Staff in Roles Focused on Advancing Patient Care

NACDS Foundation Announces Inaugural Class of Faculty Scholars Program

NACDS Briefs Congress on Drug Abuse, Patient Access Strategies

NACDS Urges Unified Approach to Drug Abuse in Public Health and Preparedness Bill

In Case You Missed It: Headlines Continue to Showcase Pharmacy Value

NACDS Endorses Bipartisan Legislation Vital for States, Main Street Businesses

NACDS: Pharmacists as Vaccinators are Key in Whooping Cough Battle

Interactive Digital Learning Center to Unite Innovation, Business Opportunities at 2012 NACDS Marketplace Conference

NACDS Expresses Cautious Optimism with FDA's Proposed "New Paradigm" for Third Class of Drugs

Technological Tools Continue to Augment NACDS Conference

NACDS Foundation Announces Recipients of Million Hearts Team Up, Pressure Down Grants

In Denver, Pharmacist Connect Showcases New Era of Patient Care Service

Costco's Vic Curtis Urges Chains, Suppliers to Think Creatively as NACDS Total Store Expo Nears

Wasson Rallies NACDS Conference Attendees around Pharmacy's Future

Amid Elections, Anderson Focuses on Campaign for Pharmacy’s Future

NACDS Foundation Donors Recognize Pharmacy Leaders

Doug Long Receives Distinguished Harold W. Pratt Award

As Isaac Loomed, Rx Response Went to Work

NACDS Foundation Welcomes Matthew Burriesci as Director of Development

NACDS RxIMPACT Grassroots Advocacy Program Boasts Nearly 50 Pharmacy Tours, Company Headquarters Meetings in 2012

NACDS Lauds Unanimous Senate Passage of Bipartisan Bill to Help Ensure Consumer Safety, Battle Organized Retail Crime

General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret.), to Headline 2012 NACDS Foundation Dinner

NACDS Foundation Caps $1.5 Million Program with Announcement of New Community PREP Grant Recipients

NACDS RxIMPACT Votes Empowers Pharmacy to Get Out the Vote

NACDS to Wall Street Journal: Collaboration Needed to Battle Drug Abuse, Ensure Legitimate Access to Medications

NACDS' Anderson: Engaged Association Members Make American Democracy Work

President Signs NACDS-backed, Bipartisan SAFE Doses Act

NACDS Participates in U.S. Senate Health Fair, Demonstrating Importance of Pharmacist-Patient Interaction

9th Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Medi-Cal Reimbursement Rate Cut Case

Coalition Reminds Consumers: Double Check, Don't Double Up

CDC to Roll Out Annual Get Smart About Antibiotics Week November 12–18

Why Voting Now Matters More than Ever Before

Pharmacy Students Advocate on Capitol Hill

American Pharmacy Educator Week is Oct. 22-26

NEHI Report Demonstrates Importance of Medication Adherence in Reducing Hospital Readmissions

Our Democracy and Industry: Worth a Phone Call

RxResponse Engaged as Hurricane Sandy Hits

Rx Response Works Quickly to Facilitate Access to Medications During Superstorm Sandy

Study Finds Improved Medication Use Could Save Billions in Annual Healthcare Costs

Bio-Pharmaceutical Supply System Continues Coordination to Help Get Medicine to Patients Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

NACDS Foundation Emphasizes “ABCS” of Heart Health for Nearly 3,500 Patients at More Than 65 Community Health Fairs Nationwide

National Healthcare Coalition Emphasizes MTM as Important Mechanism in Reducing Healthcare Costs

NACDS-PAC Reports Results of 2012 Elections

CDC's Third Annual Get Smart About Antibiotics Week 2012

NACDS Lauds TRICARE Retail Pharmacy Vaccination Program for Enabling One Million Vaccines for TRICARE Beneficiaries

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Announces Continuing Education Opportunities for Pharmacists

NACDS Emphasizes Importance of Pharmacy Compounding in Meeting Patient Needs Amid Congressional Hearings on Meningitis Outbreak

Patient Advocate, Healthcare Groups Urge Congress to Address Prescription Drug Diversion and Abuse

NACDS Foundation Dinner Raises Nearly $1.8 Million for Research, Charitable Efforts, and Scholarships

Ten Years Running, Pharmacists Ranked in Top Three in Gallup Integrity Survey

CDC Urges Flu Vaccination as National Influenza Vaccination Week Kicks Off

What are You Going to Do with Your Popularity?

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "Up and Away" Campaign Urges Med Safety During Holidays

NACDS Recognizes Continued Leadership of U.S. Senator Kay Hagan on Behalf of Pharmacy Patient Care

New York Times Cites Pharmacists in "Sensible Solution" for Patient Care

2013: It’s Not What You Eat, But How You Are Eating It

Case Study: Grassroots Advocacy Mobilizes the Message

NACDS Announces David M. Fitzsimmons as Senior Vice President, Finance and Administration

Flu Season Starts Early and Strong

NACDS' "Pharmacy Outlook '13" Take in Chain Drug Review

Shoppers: the Window to Retail’s Future

Anderson: NACDS Regional Chain Conference is a “Must-Attend Event for Industry Leaders”

Flu-Related Resources for Pharmacists

Schedule of Childhood Vaccines Is Safe, Report Says

FDA Approves New Seasonal Flu Vaccine

Former Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates to Keynote 2013 NACDS Annual Meeting

The Future of Pharmacy is Here—at NACDS, That Is

The NACDS Regional Chain Conference: A Chance to Recharge, Professionally and Personally

Food and Drug Administration Panel Votes for Stronger Restrictions on Hydrocodone

Plaintiffs in CMA et al. v. Douglas et al., File Request for Rehearing of Case

Updated, Simpler Vaccine Schedule Published; Recommends Whooping Cough Vaccine for Expectant Mothers

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Encourages Use of Expanded HealthMap Vaccine Finder

New Results on Improved Medication Adherence Slated for NACDS Regional Chain Conference

Script Your Future launches second annual student challenge to improve medication adherence

As Conference Nears, a Salute to Regional Chain Leadership within NACDS

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Releases New Rates for Diabetes Testing Supplies

Study Finds Pharmacist-Provided MTM Improves Health Outcomes for Diabetes Patients

Wasson Hammers Theme of Innovation, Engagement at NACDS Regional Chain Conference

With Pharmacy at “Inflection Point,” Anderson Pledges Bold Action in NACDS’ 80th Year

NACDS, NCPA Urge Federal Officials to Expand Pharmacists’ Role in New Health Care Delivery Models

Patient, Healthcare Groups Urge FDA to Ensure Patient Access to Prescription Medications amid Hydrocodone Rescheduling Debate

NACDS Foundation Awards Grant to University of Iowa to Evaluate Pharmacist-Provided Medication Management in Patient-Centered Accountable Care Organizations

NACDS Foundation Awards Grant to University of Nebraska Medical Ctr. to Evaluate Impact of Community Pharmacist-Provided Medication Mgmt on Patient Outcomes in Medical Homes

NACDS Foundation Awards Research Grant to North Dakota State University to Evaluate Pharmacist-Provided Medication Management in Statewide Medical Home Network

NACDS Foundation Awards Research Grants to Evaluate Community Pharmacist-Provided Medication Management in Patient-Centered Medical Homes, ACOs

NACDS Regional Chain Conference Offers Timely Programming for Attendees

Calls-to-Action and Energized, Interactive Sessions Fuel NACDS Regional Chain Conference

NACDS Urges Action as Government Study Backs Health Benefits of Medication Management

NEHI Releases New Report on Medication Adherence

NACDS Foundation Announces Annual Pharmacy Student Scholarship Recipients

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Provides Affordable Care Act Implementation Update February 14

Love Is in the Air--Within Reason

State Pseudoephedrine Law Summaries Updated on NACDS Website

The Significance of Moms in the Marketplace

Pharmacies Again at Center of Health Insurance Rollout

NACDS to U.S. House Panel: Pharmacists Uniquely Positioned and Qualified to Take on Expanded Role in Immunizing Patients

NACDS Foundation Announces Million Hearts “Heart to Heart Community Health Fairs” Partnership to Raise Heart Health Awareness

What You Need to Know About the Health Insurance Marketplace

NACDS Total Store Expo Fortifies Program

Distinguished Author, Business Consultant Jim Collins to Keynote 2013 NACDS Total Store Expo

Federal Government To Run Insurance Marketplaces In Half The States

To Curb Prescription Drug Abuse, Diversion, NACDS Urges DEA to Ensure Safe Disposal of Controlled Substances

How Do Public Health Awareness Campaigns Help You Connect with Patients?

NACDS Total Store Expo: A Conference of Convergence

NACDS Reacts to Wall Street Journal Op-Ed, Hails Pharmacy’s Role in Patient-Centered Care

Employers Need to Plan Now for the Next Phase of Health Care Reform

FEMA Announces Hurricane Sandy White House Champions of Change Call for Nominations

Wake-Up Call

NACDS Urges Improved Care for Medicare, Medicaid Patients in Statement to U.S. Senate Panel

Download It Now: 2013 NACDS Annual Meeting Mobile App

NACDS Provides Pharmacy Guidance to CMS on Medicare Issues for 2014

Advocates from 37 States to Demonstrate Pharmacy’s Role in Healthcare Delivery during Fifth Annual NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill

NACDS Backs Senators’ Call to Review Prescription Drug Abuse, Patient Care Strategies

And the NACDS RxIMPACT “U” Award Goes to...An Extraordinary Student Grassroots Advocate

NACDS Endorses Bipartisan House Bill to Expand MTM Services for Seniors

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Requests Public Input on Patient Health Information Technology

Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Calls for Best Practices Feedback

Pharmacist-Led Group in Blood Pressure Study Fares Better than Counterparts

Nancy-Ann DeParle to Address NACDS Chain Members & PAC Breakfast at NACDS Annual Meeting

Fight for Pharmacy! Participate in our Virtual NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill

5th Annual NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Reflects Pharmacy’s Role in Patient Care, Healthcare Delivery

NACDS Endorses Bipartisan Senate Bill to Expand MTM Services for Seniors

Grassroots Advocacy, This Time it’s Personal

NACDS Staff Promotions Reflect Strength and Future of Conferences, Pharmacy Programming

National Poison Prevention Week is March 17–23

Food and Drug Administration Releases New Video on Acetaminophen Safety

Citing Cynicism, Blatant Inaccuracies about Community Pharmacy, NACDS Responds to Wall Street Journal Article

New Poll Shows Americans Don’t Have a Firm Grasp on Healthcare Reform

Retail Pharmacy Pioneer, Philanthropist L.S. ‘Sam’ Skaggs Passes Away at 89

Promote Texas Pharmacist Immunizations Bill

Promote Pharmacist Immunizations Language Before the Georgia House

A Pharmacist Reflects on NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Experience

Medicare Dashboard Advances Affordable Care Act Goals For Chronic Conditions

Oppose Illinois Senate Biosimilars Bill

University of Rhode Island College of Pharmacy Professor Honored for Research Publication

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Proposes Help for Consumers Navigating the Health Insurance Marketplace

A Meeting. An Anniversary. An Ongoing Mission.

Drug Enforcement Administration Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Locator Now Available

New Study Shows Patients Skip Medications to Reduce Costs

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Announces Opportunity to Apply for Marketplace Navigator Grants

Contract Suppliers Selected Under Medicare Competitive Bidding Program

NACDS Total Store Expo Presenter Jim Collins Probably Understands Corporate Greatness—and Fallibility—Better Than Anyone

NACDS, NCPA Oppose Medicaid Reimbursement Cuts in Obama Administration Budget Proposal

Food and Drug Administration Urges Safe Disposal of Fentanyl Transdermal System Patches

Oppose Florida House Biosimilars Bill if Burdensome Requirements Are Not Removed

Environmental Protection Agency Launches Hazardous Waste Pharmaceuticals Wiki for the Healthcare Community

NACDS Takes to Congress Concerns about Administration’s Budget

Write Iowa Senate to Amend Budget Bill, Pharmacy Reimbursements

Personal Connections Contribute Powerfully to the NACDS Experience

NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Tours Get the Message Across to Congress

Industry Leaders Converge for NACDS Annual Meeting

Wasson Marks NACDS' 80th by Hailing Results, Urging Resolve

Anderson: Fixing Inconsistent Public Policy is Historic and Future Aim of NACDS

NACDS Announces 2013-2014 Officers, Welcomes New Board, Executive Committee Members during Annual Meeting

NACDS Foundation Announces Five New Board Members

NACDS Foundation Awards $230,000 through Pharmacy Partners Scholarship Program

Patient Outcomes in Focus as Thrifty White’s Narveson Assumes NACDS Chairmanship

Bob Loeffler and David Pinto Accept Chain Pharmacy’s Highest Honors at NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS Annual Meeting Charged with Purpose, Commitment and Heightened Involvement

New Health Insurance Form Shortened Significantly

New Funding Opportunity Announcement for Navigators in Federally-facilitated and State Partnership Marketplaces

NACDS Joins “Partnership for Advancing Medication Adherence”

NACDS Thanks Senate for “True Leadership” in Passing Marketplace Fairness Act

NACDS Weighs in on Congress’ Compounding Proposal

Administration Releases Information for Consumers on Hospital Charges

Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton to Address NACDS Total Store Expo

Bipartisan Senators Amplify Growing Concerns about Preferred Networks in Medicare Part D

Pharmacy Goes the Extra Mile for a Community Grappling with Tragedy

Statement on Senate Confirmation of Marilyn Tavenner as CMS Administrator

National Public Awareness Campaign on Medication Adherence Honors Leaders in Student Challenge

Legislators Invest in the Community with Pharmacy Tours

Rx Response: Moore, Oklahoma

NACDS Advocates Medicare Enhancements in Statements for Senate and House Hearings

NACDS: Protect Choice of Pharmacies for Those Who Protect Nation

Doctors and Hospitals’ Use of Health IT More than Doubles Since 2012

NACDS Executive Fellow Receives Singular Distinction in Medical Home Certification

You Can Help: Feed The Children for Oklahoma at Work in Tornado Aftermath

United States Pharmacopeia Prescription Container Labeling Chapter is Now the Official Standard

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Launches Initiative to Improve Healthcare Delivery and Lower Costs

NACDS Members Engage in Tornado Relief Effort

Tell Maine House and Senate to Vote to Oppose Foreign “Pharmacies/Wholesalers” Proposal

“Go Time” Declared for NACDS Total Store Expo Participants

Working for Safe Online Pharmacies is a ‘Life-Saving Issue’

As Hurricane Season Approaches, Rx Response Urges Pre-disaster Planning Around Medication Needs

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Releases New Health Insurance Resources for Small Businesses

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Innovation Center Announces Open Period for Participation in Bundled Payments for Care Improvement

15th Annual NACDS Foundation Dinner Website Now Live

Funeral Services Held Today for New Jersey Sen. Frank Lautenberg, ‘Champion of Pharmacy'

NACDS to Employers, Policymakers: Pharmacies Key to “Consumer-Driven Healthcare”

In Memoriam: Stephen LaFrance, USA Drug Founder

NACDS Foundation Announces New and Expanded Class for Faculty Scholars Program

NACDS Total Store Expo Presenter Josh Benner Points to Pharmacists as ‘Effective Intervention’ in Improving Medication Adherence

Fewer Americans Having Problems Paying Medical Bills

Top 10 Influenza Pandemic Response Planning Tips for H7N9 Virus

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Health Care Innovation Awards Webinar: June 12

Tell Maine House and Senate to Vote to Oppose Foreign “Pharmacies/Wholesalers” Proposal

Evidence Backs Policies to Boost Medication Adherence, New Report Concludes

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Issues Program Integrity Guidelines for Health Insurance Marketplace

Promote Pharmacist Immunization Bill Before New Jersey Assembly Vote

NACDS: New IMS Health Study Validates Importance of Community Pharmacy Services

Tell Delaware Senate to Ditch Vote on Expensive Bill with No Patient Benefit

Update on State Medicaid Expansion

NACDS Promotes Nicholson to Key Policy, Advocacy Post

With "Health Detective" Article, Men's Health Has a Clue

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Releases Rule on Affordable Care Act `Individual Responsibility' Payment

Department of Health and Human Services Launches New Online Tools to Prepare Consumers for Health Insurance Marketplace

NACDS Total Store Expo Insight Session to Focus on Achieving a Healthy Lifestyle

Libraries Set to Facilitate Access to Information on Healthcare Options

AWARXE Encourages Consumers to Lock Up Meds During Fourth of July Celebrations

New Research Highlights “Rare Opportunity” to Improve Health Outcomes, Affordability through Targeted Medication Adherence Efforts

July is UV Safety Month

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Delays Affordable Care Act Provision on Durable Medical Equipment

Department of Health and Human Services Awards $150 Million for Healthcare Enrollment Assistance

NACDS Praises Senate Bill Eyeing Coordinated Effort for Patient Care and Prescription Drug Abuse Prevention

Ad Campaign Reminds Consumers They Really Do Love People

Senator Boxer’s Solution to an Inconsistency in Government Policy

Government Accountability Office Releases Report on Illegal Online Drug Sellers

International Effort Targets Illegal Online Drug Sellers

U.S. Access Board Releases Report on Best Practices for Pharmacy Prescription Container Drug Labels for Blind and Visually Impaired

NACDS, NCPA to CMS: Consistency, Coordination Necessary to Remedy Flawed Medicaid Reimbursement Process

Cardinal Health Foundation Partners with NACDS Foundation on Grants to Study Link between Medication Management, Hospital Readmission Rates

NACDS Emphasizes Importance of Distinguishing Between Prescription Drug Compounding and Manufacturing

Senator Boxer Pushes “Combating Prescription Drug Abuse Act” in Official Statement

Report Highlights States’ Design Decisions on Health Insurance Exchanges

2014 NACDS Annual Meeting Online Registration Now Open

Lieutenant Governors Give Rx Response Vote of Confidence

Roll Call Publishes NACDS Op-Ed on Prescription Drug Abuse, Access

NACDS Foundation RFP Draws Extensive Interest among Researchers

NEHI Calls for Six "Priorities for Action" to Improve Medication Adherence

Health Insurance Marketplace Training: Becoming a Certified Application Counselor Organization

NEHI Findings Provide Policymakers with Road Map to Improving Medication Adherence for Patients

Community Pharmacy Foundation Joins NACDS Foundation to Support Innovative Medication Management - Patient Care Medical Home Research

Become a "Champion for Coverage" And Spread the Word About the Health Insurance Marketplace

Real Life Stories Fortify NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Tour

“Innovation Zone” Reveals Unique Approach to NACDS Total Store Expo

August is National Immunization Awareness Month

What’s New This Week with the Health Insurance Marketplace

It’s On! NACDS Total Store Expo Set to Debut with Innovative, Powerful, Personalized Feel

NACDS Total Store Expo Presenter To Address Staying Competitive in a Fluid Retail Environment

Dennis Wiesner Receives NACDS’ Harold W. Pratt Award

Anderson Declares NACDS Total Store Expo a Chance to “Study the Core” of NACDS

Narveson Welcomes NACDS Total Store Expo Participants to “Powerful Cog in the Productive Machinery” of NACDS

General David H. Petraeus (US Army, Retired) to Keynote 2013 NACDS Foundation Dinner

NACDS Urges Commonsense Approaches to Medicare Reform to U.S. House Panel

NACDS Total Store Expo Product Showcase Winners Announced

NACDS Total Store Expo Exhibitors Donate 6,000 Pounds of Products through Non-Profit Organizations to Benefit Assist Las Vegas Community

National Immunization Awareness Month Focuses on Back to School

NACDS Foundation Academic Summit Looks to Pharmacy’s Future

New Study Findings Outline Efforts to Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Applications for Certified Specialty Pharmacist (CSP) Now Due

Reminder: Become a "Champion of Coverage" to Get Everyone on Board for the Health Insurance Marketplace

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Releases New Publications in Advance of Health Insurance Marketplace October 1

Pediatricians Recommend Kids Get Their Flu Vaccines As Soon as Possible

Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse and Access Issues – Every Day

NACDS Foundation Executive Fellow Sees Promise in Change

NACDS Hires Chris Smith as Director of Federal Public Policy

FDA Announces New Labeling and Safety Rules for Opioids

The Trust of Pharmacies Shines through Again

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to Host Teleconference September 19 on Best Practices for the Health Insurance Marketplace

Rx Response Activates Rx Open Map for Colorado

National Campaign Urges Safe Acetaminophen Use

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Releases Information on Safeguarding Against Fraud in the Health Insurance Marketplace

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to Host Medicare Open Enrollment Webinar September 24

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Launches New Healthcare Marketplace Resource

Americans Are Getting More Flu Shots; Health Officials Urge Ongoing Vigilance

NACDS Expresses Support for Congressional Agreement on Comprehensive Supply Chain and Compounding Legislation

The Affordable Care Act Is Here—and So Is NACDS

NACDS Opinion Research Delivers Insights on MTM Bill

Register Today for the 2014 NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Seeks Input on Healthcare Implementation

Former Secretary of Defense, CIA Director Leon Panetta to Keynote 2014 NACDS Annual Meeting

NCPIE Report Emphasizes Medication Adherence as Key to Better Health for Patients with Chronic Conditions

Your Letter Could Eliminate Pharmacist-to-Technician Ratios in Texas!

CMS Again Asks Stakeholders for Input on Making Improvements to

Celebrating the Value of Pharmacists and Pharmacy

NACDS, NCPA to CMS: Fair, Accurate Reimbursement Helps Preserve Pharmacy Access for Medicaid Patients

NACDS Statement on FDA’s Recommendation to Reschedule Hydrocodone

DEA to Hold Next Prescription Drug Take-Back Day October 26

FDA to Complete Phase-out of Chlorofluorocarbon Inhalers

NACDS Emphasizes MTM, Vaccinations, Generics to Help Patients, Control Healthcare Costs

NACDS Foundation Invests in Patient Health

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Provides Update on Progress

Register for Sixth Annual NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Event March 12-13, 2014 in Washington, D.C.

Pharmacy Students Advocate on Capitol Hill

NACDS, NCPA Back Bill to Ease Consumer Access to OTC Medicines Using Pre-Tax FSAs, HSAs

NACDS: November Health Affairs Reads Like a Playbook for Using Pharmacists to Boost Patient Health

CDC to Launch Get Smart about Antibiotics Week November 18–24

U.S. Health Coalition Issues Public Safety Message for Acetaminophen Users

NACDS Members Engage in Philippines Relief Effort

2013 NACDS RxIMPACT Training Season Closes with Big Plans for 2014

NACDS RxIMPACT Inspires Record-Breaking Number of Pharmacy Schools to Join 2014 Hill Day

November is American Diabetes Month and Today is World Diabetes Day

NACDS Praises Senate Passage of Comprehensive Supply Chain and Compounding Legislation

NACDS Cites Pharmacy’s Collaborative Commitment in Curbing Prescription Drug Abuse, Diversion

Holiday Shoppers Plan to Use Their Phones to Help Seal the Deal

NACDS Statement on White House Meeting on Affordable Care Act Implementation

Thanksgiving By the Numbers

New Study Points to Better Patient Adherence with Medication Synchronization Programs

15th Annual NACDS Foundation Dinner Raises More Than $1.8 Million

CDC Calls for Ongoing Vigilance in Vaccinating Against Measles

HHS Says Enrollments in the Health Insurance Marketplace Increased in October and November

New CDC Report Report Highlights Benefits of Flu Vaccine

NACDS Urges Patient Access, Choice of Pharmacy in ACA Implementation

Pharmacists Rank Second in Gallup Integrity Survey, Earn Top-Three Placement for 11th Consecutive Year

NACDS Participates in House Community Pharmacy Caucus Briefing

NACDS: Empower Patients with Information during ACA Insurance Roll-Out

Information Available on Jan. 1 Transition to Exchange-Based Insurance

Secretary Sebelius' Advice for New Beneficiaries before First Pharmacy Visit

CDC Reports Widespread Flu in the U.S.

New Report Details Impact of the ACA on Coverage In Every State

"Follow Friday"--Get Substantive Updates via Social Media from NACDS

HHS Announces that Nearly 2.2 Americans Have Signed Up for Healthcare

Research Article Supports Improving Seniors’ Access to MTM to Boost Health, Reduce Costs

Exhibit Space for 2014 NACDS Total Store Expo 90 Percent Sold Out

TV’s Dr. Oz Gives a Shout-Out for Rapid Diagnostic Tests in Pharmacies

NACDS: Medication Management is Key Measurement for Exchange Plans

NACDS Foundation Awards $20,000 in Scholarships to Pharmacy Students

Upcoming 2014 NACDS Regional Chain Conference is a ‘Must Attend’ Event

Journal Sheds Light on NACDS Foundation’s Research…and Vision

NACDS Regional Chain Conference Reflects Community Focus, National Engagement

Rx Response on the Impending East Coast Winter Storm

NACDS Retail Advisory Board Looks to London for New Market Trends

Haley Barbour to Address NACDS Chain Member & PAC Breakfast at NACDS Annual Meeting

Bill to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse, Safeguard Patients Supported by NACDS

NACDS Foundation, University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy Announce Anthony N. Civello Pharmacy Scholarship

Rogue Online Drug Sellers Threaten Patient Safety, NACDS Tells Congressional Panel

Why It's Important to Get the Flu Vaccine

Surescripts Joins Industry Initiative to Facilitate Nationwide Health Data Sharing

Awareness of Acetaminophen Safe Use Increasing

New CMS Report Says Nearly Nine Million People Are Eligible for Medicaid Programs

Provider Status Bill Focuses on Underserved, Earns NACDS’ Backing

Enrollment in Health Insurance Plans Reaches 4.2 Million

Improved Medication Adherence, Fair Pharmacy Reimbursement Essential to Improved Care, Reduced Costs

Pharmacists’ Increasing Role in Delivery of Healthcare Services Front and Center during NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill

Rx Response Expands Access to Disaster Preparedness and Response Services

NACDS-TV Builds the NACDS Total Store Expo Experience

New Website Raises Awareness about Overlooked Group in Pain Medication Debate--Legitimate Patients

New Study Points to Potential in Testing for Infectious Diseases in Pharmacies

“Preserve Pharmacy Access, Choice for TRICARE Patients,” NACDS Tells Senate Committee

Community Pharmacy Committed to Safe U.S. Drug Supply Chain, NACDS Tells House Panel

Pfizer’s Value of Medicines Campaign Provides Holistic Assessment of Medications and Their Impact on Daily Lives

GlaxoSmithKline Provides Information about Alli Recall

NACDS Member Companies Donate Funds to Assist with Landslide Relief Efforts in Washington

NACDS’ Sandra Guckian Named Chair of NASPA Advisory Committee

Spotlight on the Emerging Specialty Drug Market

Dr. Oz Joins the Battle against Illegal Online Drug Sellers

Transparency Key to Curbing Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse, NACDS Tells House Panel

Transition Period Necessary to Ensure Patient Access to Pharmacy Services, Stakeholders Tell HHS

New York Medicaid Victory Puts Patients First

Pharmacists’ Value Recognized by Public Health Community

DEA Prescription Drug Take-Back Day Collection Site Locator Now Available

NCPDP Issues Oral Liquid Medications Industry Guidance

New Report Says Diabetes Has Doubled in Past Two Decades

By the Numbers: Where Are the Happiest U.S. Cities?

Insight Sessions to Offer Expertise on Key Issues at NACDS Total Store Expo

In Politics, Proximity Matters

Lawmakers Urge One-Year Transition Period on Implementation of Medicaid Reimbursement

Bipartisan, Bicameral Bills to Advance Better Care for Patients Supported by NACDS

Renowned National Leaders Bring Decades of Insight to NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS Patient Advocacy Spokesperson Featured in Healthcare Journalism Ad

New Forbes e-Book Sees Expanded Role for Pharmacists as Healthcare Solution

Tomorrow--Saturday, April 26--is National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day

Anderson Credits “Nuance and Intuition” for NACDS’ Success on Pharmacy, Front-End Issues

Narveson: NACDS’ Effectiveness, Member Engagement Make Chairmanship Amazing Ride

NACDS Announces 2014-2015 Officers, Welcomes New Board, Executive Committee Members during Annual Meeting

NACDS Foundation Pharmacy Partners Program Awards More Than $200,000 for Patient Care Research Projects

Standley Drives Partnership Theme in Debut as NACDS Chairman

JICC Calls for Industry Comment on Retirement of Coupon Barcodes

Chain Pharmacy Bestows Highest Honor on Anthony Civello at NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS Annual Meeting Spurs Collaboration, Innovation

For Many, Mobile Technology Increases Retail Shopping

NACDS Foundation Awards $1.8 Million in Research Grants to Study Pharmacist Collaboration with Patients following Hospital Discharge

FTC Urged to Back Provider Status Legislation

Voice of Pain Patients Gains Strength

Inside Four Key Senate Races, as Identified by Haley Barbour

Prepare for iPledge Maintenance May 17-18

Weigh in with NACDS RxIMPACT on Missouri Immunization Bill

CDC Study Shows Flu Vaccine Prevents Hospitalizations in Seniors

National Medication Adherence Campaign Honors Student Leaders in Multi-Profession Challenge

NACDS RxIMPACT Urges Action on State Biosimilar and Immunization Bills

Nearly Half of Americans Take Prescription Drugs

HHS Nominee Garners Respect, Bipartisan Support

NACDS Hosts “Market Immersion” in Boston

Dr. Ben S. Bernanke to Address NACDS Total Store Expo

NACDS RxIMPACT Advocates to Expand Pharmacist Immunization Authority in Louisiana

NACDS Foundation Announces 2014-2015 Faculty Scholars Program Participants

One-Year Transition Period Necessary to Implement Medicaid Reimbursement, Senators Tell HHS

New Report Shows Pharmacists Are Key as Healthcare Evolves

Results in for Study of Pharmacist-Led Weight-Loss Effort

Illegal Drugs, Websites Target of Annual Crackdown

As House Panel Drafts Prescription Drug Abuse Bill, NACDS Redoubles Support

A Statement That Government Needs to Take Seriously

By the Numbers: U.S. Obesity Rate Reaches New High

NACDS Expresses Appreciation for CMS’ Announcement on AMP-based FULs

CMS Reports Continued Growth in Medicaid Enrollment

FDA Launches New Public Drug Database

CMS Grants States Extra Time for Medicaid Payment Changes

U.S. Pain Foundation President Honored

2014 NACDS Total Store Expo to Feature Vision 2025

By the Numbers: Vaccinations Save Lives

What Does Public Opinion Mean for Your Business Strategy?

Trending Now: Preventive Care

Please Respond to Cost-of-Dispensing Study!

CMS Launches Campaign to Assist Healthcare Consumers

Unleash the Media at NACDS Total Store Expo

The Partnering Group, NACDS Study Joint Business Planning in “Creating Value Together”

NACDS Total Store Expo in Boston—Nexus of Industry, Innovation

NACDS RxIMPACT Issues Alert in PA to Impact State Senate Biosimilar Bill

A Top Political Strategist’s Prescience

Recent Legislation Seeks to Include More Women in Clinical Trials

It’s 2014, Do You Know Where Your Reporter Is?

What Does Iraq Situation Mean for Healthcare Policy?

Does the Future Hold the Key to Finding Cures?

By the Numbers: Women without Children Are a Powerful Retail Force

Q&A: The Epicenter of Health Affairs

2014 Pharmacy Cost-of-Dispensing Study—Deadline Extended!

Drug Safety is Top-of-Mind

Study: Benefits Outweigh Risks for Childhood Vaccines

New Report Promotes Acetaminophen Safety

Nielsen Recognizes Successful Product Launches in 2012

NACDS Total Store Expo to Feature FDA Presentation on New Supply Chain Law

NACDS Injects Pharmacy into Congressional Efforts to Accelerate Cures, Medical Breakthroughs

Bipartisan Support Grows for Provider Status Bill

CDC Panel Recommends Nasal Flu Spray Instead of Shots for Kids

HHS to Fund $100 Million for Community Health Centers

By the Numbers: In Political Arena, Many Americans Sit on the Bench

NACDS Launches Mobile-Ready Membership Directory

As Senate Panel Eyes Chronic Illness, NACDS Positions Pharmacy as Solution

Congress’ Health-Innovation Focus Means Opportunities for Pharmacy

NACDS Makes Recommendations to HHS on Fraud, Waste and Abuse Rules

NACDS-PAC Update: Pharmacist Bests Surgeon in Georgia Congressional Primary Runoff

What Do Dueling ACA Rulings Mean for Pharmacies?

Rx Response Webinar to Explore Disaster Preparedness

NACDS Members Invited to Use CDC, NIH Resources on Diabetes Care

New England Journal of Medicine Article Estimates 20 Million Gained Insurance Under ACA in 2014

NACDS: One Step Closer in Curbing Prescription Drug Abuse, Protecting Patients

HHS: Seniors Saved $11.5 billion on Prescription Drugs Since 2010

Congressional Recess Brings Advocacy Close to Home

Barbara Walters to Headline 2014 NACDS Foundation Dinner

Roadmap for Success – NACDS TSE Guide to Success

NACDS RxIMPACT Issues Childhood Vaccination Alert in PA

New Study Shows Pharmacist Interventions Are Healthcare Win-Win

August Is National Immunization Awareness Month

Program Shows That Supporting Research, Supporting Researchers Goes Hand-in-Hand

Pharmacy’s Future Sees Access as Key

HHS Reports More Than Seven Million Covered Under Medicaid

Global Collaboration Key to Protecting Patients from Illegal Online Drug Sellers

Innovation in Store for NACDS Total Store Expo Attendees

NACDS Total Store Expo Insight Sessions—Designed for Success

FDA Warns of Fraudulent Ebola Treatments

NACDS Total Store Expo Presents Nation’s Leading Experts on Cybersecurity

It’s Go Time: The NACDS Total Store Expo Is Here!

Pharmacy Partnerships with Health Departments Aids Preparedness

The Boston Globe Publishes Value of Pharmacy Op-ed as NACDS Total Store Expo Begins

Industry Retailers Honored with Political Advocacy Awards at NACDS Total Store Expo

NACDS’ Anderson Hails NACDS Members for Seizing Historic Opportunities

John Standley Highlights Retailer-Supplier Partnerships at NACDS Total Store Expo

NACDS, ATKearney to Unveil Results of “Winning with Digital” Study at NACDS Total Store Expo

Winners of NACDS Total Store Expo Product Showcase Announced

Local Angles, Future Vision Draw Boston Media at NACDS Total Store Expo

NACDS Total Store Expo Builds on Success, Looks Ahead to Denver in 2015

NACDS Total Store Expo Builds on Success, Looks Ahead to Denver in 2015

By The Numbers: Who’s Thinking about the Midterm Elections?

CDC Reports Infant Vaccination Rates Are High

NACDS TSE Exhibitors Donate More Than Four Tons of Products to Assist Boston Communities

NACDS Urges Assistance for New Exchange Beneficiaries

CMS Issues Final Rule on Enrollment for Current Marketplace Consumers

NACDS Total Store Expo Presenter David Wasserman of The Cook Political Report Weighs in on the Midterm Elections

The Night NACDS Members Met the “Meet the Press” Guy

Apple Announcement Reminds of Need to “Mobilize” Retailer-Supplier Partnerships

Q&A: Pharmacy’s Next-Generation Rising Star

NACDS-Backed Provider Status Bill Surpasses Milestone with 102 Cosponsors

NABP Launches .Pharmacy To Help Consumers Find Safe Pharmacies Online

Honoring “Your Story” and “Our Story” on the Anniversary of September 11, 2001

Internal Communications Resource on DEA's New Hydrocodone Rule

Senate Passes Bill to Improve Sunscreen

September Isn’t over Yet—It’s Still National Preparedness Month

As House Panel Reviews DEA, NACDS Provides Recommendations in Combatting Prescription Drug Abuse, Protecting Patients

NACDS Endorses Senate Bill to Curb Prescription Drug Abuse, Safeguard Patients

Five Things to Know about State Immunization Registries

By The Numbers: Average Household Spending in 2013

Pediatricians Recommend All Kids Six Months and Older Get Flu Vaccine

NACDS Reflects, Looks Ahead on 30th Anniversary of “Hatch-Waxman” Act

Health Coalition Issues Medicine Safety Tips for Upcoming Cold and Flu Season

Get Ready for the 2015 Script Your Future Medication Adherence Team Challenge!

White House Announces Plan to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

NACDS Total Store Expo Participant Reflects on Success

New Study Identifies Pivotal Changes in Healthcare

NACDS RxIMPACT Advances Pharmacy Priorities One Relationship at a Time

The Other Side of the Pain Medication Debate—Legitimate Patients

What an Energizing Day at Washington State University!

Medicare Open Enrollment Period Begins October 15

By The Numbers: Economy Tops List of Midterm Election Concerns

CDC Issues Advisory on Ebola for Healthcare Personnel

NACDS Highlights Role of Pharmacist-Provided Vaccine Services in Lead-Up to Congressional Healthcare Innovation Forum

NACDS’ Heidi Ecker Receives Distinguished Public Affairs Award for Grassroots Advocacy Work

Medicare Open Enrollment Runs from October 15—December 7

Making a Difference Is the Alchemy of Grassroots Advocacy

Congress’ Unique Chance to Help Prevent One Death per Hour

NACDS Members Meet with HHS Secretary Burwell as Open Enrollment Nears for 2015 Exchange-Based Health Insurance

CDC Forum Emphasizes Pharmacy’s Key Role in Public Health

NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Tours Reach—and Surpass—100-tour Milestone

Prescriptions Never Picked Up At Pharmacy A Cause For Concern

Rx Response Announces Alert Status on Ebola, Provides Resources for Pharmacists

Analysis of 2014 Congressional Elections from Pharmacy Perspective

Missouri Pharmacy Association CEO’s Son Wins Missouri State House Seat

NACDS-PAC-Supported Pharmacist Wins Congressional Election

FDA Approves Meningitis Vaccine

NACDS Announces Sara Rubin as Manager, Pharmacy Care

By The Numbers: Poll Shows Americans Are Happy with Healthcare

Medicaid, Biosimilars Focus of NACDS State Government Affairs Seminar

NACDS and Coalition Urge Congressional Action on Cybersecurity

Summary of 2014 State Elections

December 1 is World AIDS Day

NACDS Seeks Pharmacy Reward Program Access for Medicare, Medicaid Patients

NACDS Shifts 2015 NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill to Match Just-Released Congressional Schedule

16th Annual NACDS Foundation Dinner Raises $1.9 Million for Cutting-Edge Research Portfolio

Merchant Financial Cyber Partnership Announces Next Steps for Securing the Payments System

NACDS Notes Improvements and Remaining Problems in Defense Bill’s TRICARE Approach

By the Numbers: NACDS RxIMPACT Goes Big

Republicans Match WWII-Era Number of House Seats

CDC Issues Advisory on Flu Viruses

NACDS Meets with Health and Human Services on Flu Vaccine and ACA

By the Numbers: Santa Won’t be the Only One in the Air this Season

Let the 114th Congress Know Why Pharmacy Matters

By the Numbers: U.S. Uninsured Rate Hits Record Low

2015 Could Be Year for Final Medicaid Average Manufacturer Price-based FULs

Halfway through Flu Season, Prevention Still Matters

Get Proactive and Engaged with NACDS RxIMPACT

The Case for Pharmacist Provider Status Gains Traction

By the Numbers: Millennials to Overtake Baby Boomers

Don’t Miss a Chance to Tell Congress What Pharmacy Means to You

Rx Response is Monitoring the Northeast Winter Storm

Cyber Preparedness Focus of Town Hall Meetings

Headed to the NACDS Regional Chain Conference This Weekend?

Transformative Healthcare Initiatives Are Benefit for Pharmacy

NACDS Total Store Expo Is a ‘Dream Come True’

With Billions in Sales, Why Is Beauty Missing the Mark?

Become the Most Effective Advocate on the Planet

NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill Is Next Week

The Block on Sunscreens

Media Campaign Promotes Pharmacists’ Role in Senior Care

NACDS RxIMPACT Awards Recognize Engagement

NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill: Patient Access to Care Is Key

One Day of Advocacy Leads to Lasting Engagement

Florida Newspaper Examines Patient Access and Drug Abuse with Balance

Pharmacists Integral to Public Health

Advocacy Follow-Up Gets Results

Op-ed Sticks Up for Pharmacy’s Efforts to Make the Right Call on Pain Meds

Wheels Up! It’s Time for the NACDS Annual Meeting

Good Question—“Pharmacists: Aren’t You Really Providers Already?”

Congressman Connects Dots on Pharmacists’ Essential Role in Healthcare

Top Five Media Questions on Prescription Drug Abuse

The NACDS Retail Advisory Board Travels to Hotbed of Innovation

Proliferation of NACDS RxIMPACT Events Gets Results

NACDS Reiterates Concerns on Pharmacy Medicaid Provisions in 21st Century Cures Act

On NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Tours, Seeing is Believing

New Ads on Provider Status Highlight Healthcare Gaps for Seniors

NACDS Joins White House in Fight to Improve Antibiotic Use

Medi-Cal Pharmacy Recoupment Issue Heats Up

It’s Solution Time in Florida on Prescription Drugs

What Makes Shoppers Buy Items that Aren’t on the List?

FCC Ruling Exempts Refill Calls and Texts

NACDS RxIMPACT Gains Momentum and Results

New Ads Supporting Provider Status Bill Hit D.C. Markets

Focus on Health and Wellness Creates Industry Common Ground

NACDS: Pharmacy Lock-In Programs Could Impact Patient Access

What Is Guiding the Future of Retail? Find out at NACDS Total Store Expo

Collaboration, Innovation Define 2015 NACDS Total Store Expo

Emphasis on Advocacy at NACDS Total Store Expo

NACDS Pain Ally to Receive Award during Pain Awareness Month

e-Prescribing Controlled Substances Now Legal Nationwide

CDC Says 2015-2016 Flu Vaccine Should Be More Effective

Hillary Clinton Unveils Plan to Lower Drug Costs

Insights from Ritzman’s Eric Graf

NACDS Top Lobbyist Named Finalist for Prestigious Advocacy Award

Florida Board Addresses Pain Medication Access Issues

Does the “M” in MTM Stand for Momentum?

President Obama Unveils Plan to Address Opioid Abuse

NACDS Director of State Government Affairs Honored in Texas

NACDS Voices Concerns on DEA’s Drug Take-Back Program

NACDS RxIMPACT Boosts Engagement on Provider Status

CMS Stands by Earlier Proposal on Biosimilars, Does Not Address Biosimilars Interchangeability in Reimbursement Language

NACDS Total Store Expo Provides Product Visibility, Growth

What Makes House Speaker Paul Ryan Run?

Policy Journal Op-ed Highlights MTM’s Broad Support

Citizen Swensen: Pharmacist, Advocate—and Dad

NACDS Research Shows Public ‘Gets’ Complexity of Drug Abuse Issue

Opportunity for Pharmacies with CMS’s MTM Pilot Project

Media Ripple Effect Highlights Pharmacists’ Integrity; Expanded Role

NACDS Foundation Keynoter Megyn Kelly Featured on Cover of Vanity Fair

TRICARE Pharmacy Co-pays to Increase February 1

Senate Movement on Medical Innovation Legislation

NACDS Ally Reflects on a Challenging Career in Healthcare

NACDS Comments to White House on Drug Abuse Prevention Solutions

NACDS Launches TRICARE Advocacy Efforts

Make Every Vote Count with NACDS RxIMPACT Votes

Music Legend Tony Bennett Wins Grammy at 58th Annual Awards, Set to Perform at NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS RxIMPACT Votes: Bipartisan Resource

NACDS Keeps Medicaid AMP Rule Issues in Focus with Lawmakers

Do Young People Matter in Politics? (Hint: Yes)

NACDS Welcomes New Lobbyist Vonnie Hampel

Medicaid AMP-based FULs Effective April 1

Senate Passes Addiction and Recovery Bill

Advocacy Tip: Schedule a District Pre-Visit before Coming to D.C.

NACDS Meets with 90 Percent of U.S. Congress

You’ve Got to Vote to Be Heard

NACDS Urges House to Pass Version of Drug Abuse, Access Legislation Approved by Senate

NACDS, NCPA Urge Congress Not to Increase TRICARE Copays

Take Healthcare Delivery to the Next Level with Motivational Interviewing

The Prescription Drug Abuse/Access Bill is Almost Law

Spark Collaboration and Get Results at the NACDS Annual Meeting

NACDS’ Value, Relationships and Engagement Resonate at Annual Meeting

Get Out the Vote with #PharmacyVoter Ads

NACDS Advocate Honored with Prestigious Award

NACDS’ TRICARE Advocacy Efforts Yield Results

NACDS Continues Advocacy on Addiction, Recovery Bill

New Department of Labor Rule Extends Overtime Pay to Millions

Congressional In-District Work Period Advances Grassroots Efforts

New Research Shows Decline in Accidental Acetaminophen Overdoses

Congress Continues to Seek Solutions on Opioid Abuse

NACDS RxIMPACT Pharmacy Tour: "The Best Type of Legislative Visit"

Latest Zika News Spurs New Interest in NACDS Foundation Program

Observer of Association Industry Takes Interest in Latest NACDS Announcement

Prepare for Success at NACDS Total Store Expo!

Innovation, Engagement Exemplify 2016 NACDS Total Store Expo

Some Saw NACDS’ #PharmacyVoter Ads for the First Time at TSE; Have You Seen Them?

NACDS Retail Advisory Board Explores Digital Marketing at TSE

NACDS RxIMPACT Gets Out the Vote—and Gains Recognition

FDA Announced Class-Wide Drug Labeling Changes Warning of Risks of Combining Opioids and Anxiety Meds

Epic Flooding in Louisiana Prompts NACDS Member Action

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