It's a chance for hundreds of us to go meet with the different legislators, both in the House and the share what it is that pharmacy does for patients, share our needs and interests in healthcare, and to make requests of them for what we need them to support...

--Martin Otto, chief merchant and chief financial officer of H-E-B, and NACDS chairman of the Board, on the importance of attending NACDS RxIMPACT Day on Capitol Hill, March 14-15

We are the providers best suited to know the effects of each medication and how to optimize care for patients while they’re under medication therapy.

--Amanda Applegate, PharmD, BCACP, of Balls Food Stores, in a PharmacyToday article

...the role of healthcare professionals in helping patients take their medications as directed to preserve and improve their health is more critical than ever.

--Sally Greenberg, executive director of the National Consumers League, which is leading a medication adherence challenge cosponsored by the NACDS Foundation

Every day, NACDS chain members and supplier partners accomplish remarkable results in advancing health care, in improving consumers' well-being, and in contributing positively to our society. 

--NACDS President & CEO Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, in a Retail Leader article

The Regional Chain Conference is a wonderful venue for in-depth exchanges with both retail colleagues and suppliers. Some of the best programs emerge from the grassroots, and I consider the regional chains to be the grassroots of this industry.

--NACDS Regional Chain Conference Chair Kristin Williams, senior vice president and chief health officer at Hy-Vee Inc., in a Chain Drug Review article

One of the issues on which NACDS will remain very active is fighting for a workable approach to Medicaid pharmacy reimbursement for prescription drugs – an approach that preserves patient access.

--NACDS President & CEO Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, in a Drug Store News article

Pharmacists are an integral member of the immunization neighborhood and have positioned immunization services as an important patient care offering...

--Pharmacy Today on the vital role pharmacists play in improving patient healthcare outcomes

The Association and its members now enjoy broad bipartisan support, and they are regularly included in discussions about expanding access to healthcare, improving patient outcomes and controlling costs.

—an editorial in Chain Drug Review on NACDS' success as an association

It highlights the need for U.S. adults to better appreciate the value of vaccines to prevent economic burden.

--authors of a study published in Health Affairs that showed the cost of adults in the U.S. not getting vaccinated was $7.1 billion in 2015

Recent studies show vaccine reduces the risk of flu illness by about 50 percent  to 60 percent among the overall population...

--the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

At hand is a once-in-a-generation opportunity and we're committed to getting 21st Century Cures signed into law this fall.

—leaders of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in a statement pledging to get the 21st Century Cures bill signed into law

We forecast that Gen Zers will establish themselves as a highly demanding consumer base.

—a new report from Fung Global Retail & Technology, which says retailers, restaurants and leisure companies will need to be attuned to the needs of the emerging Gen Z demographic

…The Association and its members are stepping up to an enlarged set of responsibilities as healthcare providers, businesses and citizens. This bodes well for the industry, the people it serves and the country.

--an article in Chain Drug Review on the successes of the 2016 NACDS Total Store Expo

Vaccination is very safe and vaccination is always safer than the diseases that they prevent.

--Dr. Larry Madoff, director of Epidemiology and Immunization at the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, on the importance of vaccinating kids as they head back to school

Telling pharmacy’s story to the public and to policy makers is a long-standing priority of the National Association of Chain Drug Stores...

--an article in Mass Market Retailers on the 2016 NACDS Total Store Expo