Political Action

The bipartisan NACDS Political Action Committee – NACDS-PAC – supports federal Congressional candidates who advance pro-patient and pro-pharmacy policies.

Special NACDS-PAC members-only content from a separate website is available for individuals who qualify to have access to this content according to federal regulations governing political action committees.

What are the benefits of a PAC?

Political action committees, like NACDS-PAC, enable groups of like-minded individuals to pool their political contributions to support a common goal. NACDS-PAC unites pharmacy to advance the campaigns of those candidates who advance pro-patient and pro-pharmacy policies.

How is NACDS-PAC funded?

In compliance with federal law, NACDS-PAC is funded through voluntary contributions from senior executives of NACDS member companies, subject to prior approval, through corporate members’ PACs, as well as through NACDS’ Board of Directors and staff. No corporate contributions are allowed.

Want to learn more about NACDS-PAC?

Before NACDS-PAC can ask for a contribution or provide additional information, the Federal Election Commission requires that NACDS-PAC receive in writing your legal authorization, or “prior approval.” By signing the prior authorization form, NACDS-PAC can keep you informed of all NACDS-PAC activities.