Executive Office

Steven C. Anderson, IOM, CAE, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mary Diggs, Director, Executive Office

Legal Affairs

Don Bell, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel

Mary Ellen Kleiman, Vice President, Legal Affairs & Associate General Counsel
Allison Morgan, Legal Affairs Coordinator

Finance & Administration

Dave Fitzsimmons, Senior Vice President, Finance & Administration

Vishal Bhatia, Vice President, Information Services/IS Security Officer
Jyothi Biddala, Database Administrator
Miller Combs, Receptionist
Jeff Davis, Director, Accounting & Finance
Allan Dumo, Information Technology/Help Desk Support Associate
Kwaku Gyamfi, Office Services Assistant
Anne Reich, Executive Assistant
Marilyn Richardson, Manager, Accounts Payable
Deborah Singleton, Director, Payroll & Benefits
Sergio Vargas, Office Services Supervisor
Monica Walker, Staff Accountant
Dawn Worthington, Vice President, Human Resources & Administration

Government Affairs & Public Policy

Tom O'Donnell, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs & Public Policy

Christie Boutte, Director, Federal & State Public Policy
Michelle Cope, Director, State Public Policy
Heidi Ecker, Director, Government Affairs and Grassroots Programs
Anne Fellows, Director, State Government Affairs
Anne Foley, Director, Political Affairs
Sandra Guckian, Vice President, State Government Affairs
Vonnie Hampel, Director, Federal Government Affairs
Tedria Hampton, Executive Assistant
Lis Houchen, Director, State Government Affairs
Eric Juhl, Director, Federal Public Policy
Leigh Knotts, Director, State Government Affairs
Joel Kurzman, Director, State Government Affairs
Deepti Loharikar, Director, Federal and State Public Policy
Amber Manko, Director, Federal Government Affairs
Jill McCormack, Director, State Government Affairs
Laura Miller, Senior Economist
Kevin Nicholson, Vice President, Public Policy and Regulatory Affairs
Evan Sarris, Coalition & Stakeholder Associate
Chris Smith, Director, Federal Public Policy
Mary Staples, Director, State Government Affairs
Vanessa Stevens, Grassroots & Public Policy Associate
Bill Tighe, Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
Karen White, Advocacy Coordinator

Marketing, Communications & Media Relations

Chris Krese, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Communications & Media Relations

Lisa Boylan, Director, Communications
Betsy Hageman, Director, Knowledge Management & Communications
Erica Joyner, Media Design Manager
Michael Silber, Director, User Experience
Nebiyou Tesfaye, Senior Applications Developer

Member Programs & Services

Jim Whitman, Senior Vice President, Member Programs & Services

Terry Arth, Vice President, Member Programs & Services
Sally Cranney, Director, Meetings & Special Events
John Davis, Manager, Exhibit Sales & Marketing
Nikki Coleman, Business Development & Exhibit Sales Associate
Marilyn Hunter, Director, Meetings & Special Events
Stacy Jack, Manager, Meetings & Housing Coordinator
Andrew Klapmust, Director, Membership Services
Darien Long, Registration & Membership Services Coordinator
Mary Medawar, Director, Exhibit Services
Steve Perlowski, Vice President, Industry Affairs & Member Relations
Kathy Phillips, Manager, Conference & Registration Services
Stephanie Salguero, Manager, Member Programs and Services
Mike Swinburne, Manager, Business Development & Exhibitor Sales
Toni Tripi, Manager, Meetings & Special Events

Pharmacy Care & Patient Advocacy and NACDS Foundation

Kathleen Jaeger, Senior Vice President, Pharmacy Care & Patient Advocacy, & President, NACDS Foundation

Jason Ausili, Director, Pharmacy Affairs
Stephanie Bennett, Pharmacy Care Associate
Loren Kirk, Foundation Executive Fellow
Sara Roszak, Director, Research
Monet Stanford, Foundation Executive Fellow
Carolyn Steinberg, Administrator, Pharmacy Care & Patient Advocacy and Manager, Foundation Development
Kathleen Wolff, Director, Development & Director, Advancement and Strategic Partnerships